We have been experiencing issues with our ISP COMCAST thus the downtime and interruptions randomly. They have replaced the cables and the modem but we are still randomly having some issues. We will continue to work on it and hopefully find the problem soon.

On another note I have been upgrading the host OS for the web servers and mail servers etc to the most current version of CENTOS in this process I have also tried to simplify things a bit in the process. This in in tailed moving websites to a single web server and moving the databases to a single server etc. Hopefully this will improve the performance and quality of the hosting.

On this subject of hosting I would like to remind everyone that I do this free of charge to all but a few websites (Of which I have not received any payment for quite some time mostly my own lack of followup) and thus I am not able to maintain a %99.9 up time so I ask for your understanding during troubled times. I will do my best to maintain up time to the highest level possible.

Thank you for your understanding and remember to please try and keep a copy of you sites and stored data. I do backups but a copy of your own will insure more safety from losing it.


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